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How I went from fixing floors to…

I started my journey of Life Direction in the least expected of places: the renovation business. That’s right – I spent my time fixing squeaky floors.


My story is yet another example of how a person can use their skills and passions to start doing something completely new and unrelated.

Though I was proud of the business I had built, I realized that what I enjoyed most about the job was the time I got to interact with people, whether that meant finding customers, training new recruits, or catching up at team meetings.


It took me a while to convince myself that if I were to try something new, I wouldn’t be abandoning something I built.


I had to find the courage to change my plan – and that confidence is what I try to give all the clients who come to me for life direction coaching.


So, what exactly is Life Direction? It’s not really life coaching or career coaching, but it’s somewhere in the middle. It’s about feeling good about yourself and being productive, whether you’re looking to have a career or not.


It’s about doing what makes you happy, leaves you feeling fulfilled, and learning how to find a sense of purpose when you’ve lost it once again.


This can be helpful at any age, whether you are a student trying to decide on a career, or if you want to change or improve your job. Maybe you want to start your own business, or find direction during retirement. Whatever your life situation is, I promise to listen and respect your values, feelings, and beliefs. But the guidance I can give you is not only emotional support – it’s also helping you build an action-oriented plan.


Even during our first meeting, we will set a small, easy task that can become part of a bigger plan. Every step is a small goal that you can easily achieve, leaving you feeling proud and motivated to keep going.

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