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Marina had always turned down people who asked her to give them art lessons. She saw herself as an artist, but no more than that.

“I had a mental barrier - I was insecure, and I didn’t know where to start,” she says.

When she started working with Lev, she realized it didn’t have to be all planned out perfectly. Taking it one step at a time meant she was free to put things on pause whenever it got overwhelming.

That first step was simple: It was a practice lesson with Lev’s daughter.

“That felt comfortable - I didn’t have to worry about bad reviews or things not working out,” Marina explains.

Soon after, Lev helped Marina structure a vision for her program. “We researched what other art schools offer both locally and abroad,” she says.

“It took my mind off all the things that could go wrong, and let me focus on the things I wanted and dreamt of.”

And that’s what Lev really tries to achieve - he tries to shift your focus from your worries to the things you wish for, and get you to feel that spark for life that we sometimes lose.

Little by little, Marina gained confidence in her teaching, and what initially seemed like a long and jumbled list of duties became routine.

“With Lev’s relentless energy and creative approach, my students went on to win awards, participate in contests and auctions,” Marina shares.

“Seeing their success was my true motivation to keep going. Thank you again, Lev, for your positive outlook and determination!”

More testimonials from Lev's clients...


There are times in life you need an outside perspective and an addition push in the direction you know you want to follow…Lev’s coaching provided the right perspective at the right time in my life. It helped bring down my own limiting barriers, and pursue dreams that I previously felt were outside my reach. Highly recommended!

Life coaching with Lev has been an incredible experience which helped guide me on the right path towards pursuing a career that I’m truly passionate about. Through a structured program I was able to gain a better understanding of what my true ambitions and goals were and ultimately motivating me to further my education and pursue a career I truly love. Highly recommend his service!


Lev inspired me and helped me find a way to solve the problem. Lev has always set goals and timetables, and that’s also how he got me to create my website, which has been very important to the success of my art school. He has always inspired me, made me believe in myself, and gave me positive energy. Thank you again Lev for your positive outlook and determination!

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